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Detox Red Clay Mask. SkinCare by FancyHandy

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Mascarilla Roja Detox

Detox Red Clay Mask


People who know me know that I am much more in love with cosmetics than with makeup. The health of the skin is decisive for a makeup to look perfect. I have been using the Fancy Handy masks in recent months and I wanted to share with you the benefits of their collection of masks, their properties and for what type of skin they are suitable. I have combination skin, sometimes sensitive and even reactive. I have found in the Red Detox Mask an ally to dryness, congestion, and fatigue. Quite a triumph !!!

I recommend using a synthetic fiber brush instead of silicone brushes. I have both and with the silicone is more difficult to work the product, dose it and reach the narrowest corners of the face, such as the nostrils.Mascarilla Roja DetoxTo remove it I use a moistened tassel. Much easier to remove without scratching the face and without spending a lot of water. Then I will summarize the product and my impressions.

Detox Red Clay Mask

Protects the skin against external elements and acts as a shield against urban pollution to maintain the natural radiance of the skin. It is ideal for dry skin.

The Detox Red Clay Mask is the first one I use in my routine. The first because my weekly routine includes all the masks that we are going to see in this article and in the following ones. I don’t want reading to become too heavy. As I have mentioned before, my skin is often fatigued when the time of hormonal begins. I don’t rest well, and it shows on my face. With this mask I manage to mitigate this aspect, achieving more rested and fresh skin.


Mascarilla Roja Detox


  • CLAY: Antiseptic. + Cell regenerator.
  • BERRIES: Powerful antioxidant. + Reduce the appearance of wrinkles.
  • CLOVER: Reduces skin aging. + High content of antioxidants.
  • BLUEBERRIES:  Helps fight free radicals. + Vitamin A, C and B

But being honest, just the DETOX Red Clay Mask and cosmetic products is not enough. So my routine is a bit long. I do it on Sundays, it is my moment of relaxation. Would you like to know about reactive, sensitive and ultra acne skin? Leave me in the comments. It is somewhat long at the beginning but as the natural barrier of the skin is restored I am eliminating products.

I want to add that this mask is cruelty-free and the brand is manufactured in Spain.

I leave you the link of this product and its instagram. I hope you liked it. See you in the next article.

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A greeting !!!!

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