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Hello everyone, this will be the last post about the Fancy Handy masks, remind you that you have the previous posts: Green Mask, Red Mask and Pink Mask in these links.

Each of them are published according to the order of application, that is, first I apply:

  • Red Mask (antioxidant)
  • Green Mask (balancing and cleaning)
  • Pink Mask (soothing)
  • White Mask (balancing and moisturizing).

Although each one has many more properties described in each article, these characteristics and the most notable of each of them.

As masks that are all moisturizing, they all clean and all balance more or less, but some stand out above others depending on the products with which they are made and today we will treat the Fancy Handy White Mask.

This is my favorite by far. I notice that it clears my skin due to the kaolin effect, it is the one that hydrates the most due to the almond, coconut and cupuaÇu.

It is essential for me, no Sunday is missing from my routine. It is also the one that takes the longest to dry.

You already know that you never have to let them dry completely to prevent the product itself from absorbing the hydration that, paradoxically, it has given us.


Mascarilla Roja Detox
  • WHITE CLAY: Lifting effect. + Tissue regeneration.
  • ALMOND: Stimulates the production of collagen. + Anti-irritation.
  • COCO: High content of vitamin E. + Ultra-moisturizing.
  • MANTECA DE CAPUAÇU: Helps to recover natural moisture. + Provides elasticity to the skin.

Fancy Handy is a cruelty free brand, made in Spain.

If you only buy one mask, I would recommend this one. My skin is mixed or combined, but the longer I have managed to control the excesses of the T zone and achieved that they are regulated. I made the less oily areas drier.

Also this mask I achieve the same as with the previous ones, except to calm her on those days with a lot of redness and sensitization. For that better the pink mask. This one does it too but is less effective.

You can buy the white Fancy Handy mask in the following link here.

I hope you liked this series of articles.

Greetings to all!

Mascarilla Blanca Fancy Handy
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