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Green Clay Fancy Handy

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Mascarilla Verde Fancy Handy

Green Clay Fancy Handy

Continuing with the previous post, today we are going to see the Green Clay Fancy Handy. I apply this mask after the previous Red Mask Fancy Handy.

The idea is that each mask that I apply provides me with a series of benefits.

My Skin

My skin is a very troublesome skin. One day you see it perfect and the next I have it red, thickened, sensitive and reactive. I know well the cyclical course of my skin, so I am forced to use different routines (even for different skin types: sensitive, oily, combination and even dry skin) as I see my skin every morning. It is a problem that I have been dragging on for a few years caused by a disease that I had a long time.

I am not a dermatologist but I have been to several and depending on what they saw my skin at that time they sent me different treatments. At the end I have a collection of products.

The behavior of the skin is very crazy, sometimes it is very oily and other times it is so dry that I look like a snake. Only she and I understand each other.

The question that concerns us in this article is to convey to you that it is not necessary for you to use all the products that I use. Just explain the benefits you will get with each of them and you are already selecting the ones that interest you the most.

The Green Clay Fancy Handy has the following components:


  • GREEN CLAY: Anti-inflammatory effect. + Stimulates cell growth.
  • ALOE VERA: Increases the elasticity of the skin. + Intensive hydration.
  • CUCUMBER: Rejuvenating effect. + Prevents the appearance of acne.
  • AÇAI OIL: Highly hydrating. + Restores the elasticity of the skin.

Finally, Fancy Handy is a cruelty free brand, made in Spain.

Mascarilla Verde Fancy Handy

The benefits that I obtain is a maximum cleaning without affecting the lipid layer of the skin as they are very soft products. I see my pores cleaner (especially those of the nose).

The skin is more relaxed, juicy and flexible.  Ideal for oily or combination skin.

For me this is one of my essentials. Many times I make my own mask adding aloe vera, green clay, cucumber juice and almond oil from 1º cold pressure. Later I will publish homemade cosmetics that I think will be of interest to you.

This is the brush I have used. I bought it in Aliexpress, I leave the link here.

You can buy the mask here.

I hope you liked it.

See you in the next article about my mask routine.

Nos vemos en el siguiente artículo sobre mi rutina de mascarillas.

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