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Style and Makeup. Jennifer Lawrence Inspiration

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Jennifer Lawrence has always seemed to me as a very chameleonic woman, versatile in acting and a rising star. That is why I opted for her in a collaboration with the blogger and youtuber Irene Vila from the Ciencia de Ti channel. Below I will leave to you the links to her website and her contact in case you want to see her channel. She is a wonderful girl. In her channel you can learn many things, but among them to have hair as beautiful as hers. Several years ago I decided to use Henna. The only blogger who talked about it on her blog was her. So you can imagine the illusion that made me work with her. I hope in the future to be able to make a face to face video. I'm sure I'll learn a lot!!!

Style and Makeup. Jennifer Lawrence Inspiration

Let's start. The image I relied on to make the look, style and makeup of Jennifer Lawrence is the following:
Jennifer Lawrence Makeup and Style

My intention in no case has been to make a transformation. We are not going to fool ourselves, she is much prettier than me and has very different features than mine. But if I have noticed the look of eyes, complexion, blush, hairstyle and lips. I want you to keep in mind that I had to adapt this makeup to my face according to the laws of visagism. So don't expect it to be a clone of her makeup. I have also tried to adapt it to ordinary people so that any of you can apply it to go out for a night.
I encourage you to watch the full video. I have tried to structure it in the best way, explaining why I use this or that brush, and each product that I describe in the video. First of all, I want you to be able to adapt this makeup to your face and to your pocket. To create Jennifer Lawrence's Style and Makeup i have used a lot of makeup products so dont try to buy all the brushes or products that I indicate in the video if you already have your favorites, or products that best suit your skin type and circumstances. For that, I will show you future articles in videos that may be of your interest.
I leave you here the video I made and the video of Irene Vila, as well as the data from her channel.
Greetings to everyone and thank you for dedicating your time to me !!
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▶ Spots Lab – Serum Ultrahidratante Antimanchas oily mix/Grasas

▶ Sensai – Cellular Performance Eye Contour Cream

▶ Revox – Voluminizador de Labios

▶ Makeup Revolution – Ultra Professional Cream Contour Palette

▶ Yves Saint Laurent – All Hours Foundation

▶ Nyx – Proof It! Waterproof Eyeshadow Primer

▶ Too Faced – Sweet Peach Eye Shadow Collection

▶ Kiko Cosmetics – Infinity [Clics] System 295 289 287 285

▶ Kiko Cosmetics – Kinny Fit Kajal

▶ Nyx Cosmetics – Double Stacked Nylon Lash Fibers & Mascara Base & Top Coat

▶ Mac Cosmetics – Corrector Mineralize

▶ Blushion – Colorete Cushion Coral

▶ Makeup Revolution – Blush Palette

▶ Skin79 – Vip Collection Hologram Pearl Pact BB

▶ Kiko Cosmetics – Smart Lip Pencil 707

▶ Astor – Perfect Stay Transfer Proof


▶ Zoeva 142/Concealer Buffer

▶ Zoeva 104/Buffer

▶ Zoeva 234/Luxe Smoky Shader

▶ Zoeva 237/Detail Shader

▶ Zoeva 238/Luxe Crease

▶ Zoeva 231/Luxe Petit Crease

▶ Zoeva 103/Defined/Buffer

▶ Zoeva 102/Silk Finish


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