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mascarilla rosa fancy handy

Hello!!! Continuing with the posts about my mask routine, today it is the turn of the Pink Fancy Handy Mask.

A nonsense that makes me laugh about this mask is that, in my case, it is practically my height of skin tone, only more pink.

My skin has a neutral undertone. As I have marks, blemishes caused by my adult acne … When I applied this mask for the first time it seemed as if it were really a second skin, it was not noticeable.

In my mind I was saying … I wish my skin were like that !!! Anyway, my nonsense …

What I was going for, the pink Fancy Handy mask contains.


  • PINK CLAY: Deep cleanses + Soothes irritated skin.
  • STRAWBERRY: Anti-inflammatory + Rich in antioxidants.
  • POMEGRANATE: Recovers the natural elasticity of the skin + Neutralizer of free radicals.
  • OPUNTIA MILK: High content of vitamin E + Regenerator of the skin.

Fancy Handy is a cruelty free brand, made in Spain.

mascarilla rosa fancy handy

How do I feel the skin when I apply it?

Leaves the skin clean, fresh, hydrated, does not leave the skin tight like other masks I have tried. But the best thing is that when I use it in those times when my skin is red it calms me down a lot, it almost eliminates any redness that I may have, especially in the area of the cheeks and chin.

This mask is ideal for sensitive skin.

I have not commented on it before, if I could change something about the brand it would be the format of the bottle since it is difficult to access the content, but for the price it has and the benefits it leaves on my skin it is a lesser evil.

For those who want to try the Fancy Handy masks there is a pack that contains 3 masks: 2 facial and 1 capillary. You can buy them here and here the pink Fancy Handy mask.

mascarilla rosa fancy handy
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